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Southern New England Basketball Club

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The Southern New England Basketball Club (SNEBC) serves boys and girls in the 4th through 12th grades in the Eastern Connecticut, Central Massachusetts, and Northern Rhode Island region.  Based in Millbury, MA, near I-290 and MA Route 146, the SNEBC program is easily accessible to players in a three-state region.  We are fortunate to have access to excellent practice facilities in and around Millbury.

The program is designed to provide maximum value to players and parents, ensuring a high quality experience at an extremely competitive price.

          ↑   Quality 

   Value    =                               

         ↓   Cost


We understand that parents and players have many options when it comes to AAU basketball.  That's why we aim to differentiate ourselves from other programs.  Our goal is to maximize the quality of your experience while minimizing costs.  We address the cost portion of the value equation by actively engaging players and families in local fundraising.

SNEBC staff believes that an AAU basketball program should espouse a philosophy that goes beyond "winning at all costs".  We believe our players should win frequently while learning the proper approach to the game.  Program emphasis, therefore, includes creating a winning mental attitude, developing individual and team skills, and embracing our TRAIT values.

Our program motto - Mental Toughness, Total Effort (MTTE) - serves as the foundation for our highly competitive teams.  The Shockers exhibit the mental toughness necessary to work through adversity in every game.  When a player learns to leave everything on the court, both at practice and during games, good results follow.  A "no regrets" attitude translates into both basketball and personal success.

Virtually all Shockers coaches have significant prior experience, as coaches at the AAU or high school levels and/or as players at the college level.  Our coaches understand that the success of our program depends on their commitment to player development.  They are accountable to the parents and to the program for this responsibility, and we promise a high level of two-way communication during the basketball season.

One unique feature of our program involves player goal-setting each season.  These goals, set mutually by the players, parents, and program staff, serve to guide our individual development efforts.

Another feature of our program is an objective written evaluation of each player at the end of each season, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Statistics are maintained by the team, summarized for each player, aligned with player expectations, and evaluated by independent coaches to provide a specific development plan.

We ask each player to complete a contract, stating that he or she will exhibit good citizenship, sportsmanship, and scholarship during his association with the Shockers.  The player may be asked to give a bit back to the community that has provided support in all of his or her endeavors.

At the end of each season, we ask parents and players for formal feedback, always looking for ways to improve our program.


A flyer describing the program can be downloaded by means of the weblink below: