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Southern New England Basketball Club

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The Southern New England Basketball Club (SNEBC) Shockers are committed to making the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball experience available to interested, motivated, and talented boys and girls in the Southern New England region.  The philosophy of the SNEBC is to price the Shockers basketball experience at or near our actual costs.  The factors that are considered when pricing the participation fee include (but are not always limited to) the following:


  • AAU program registration
  • AAU player registration
  • Tournament registration (typically 5 – 7 per session)
  • Gymnasium practice (typically 90 minutes per week)
  • Coach stipend
  • Miscellaneous (e.g., basketballs, athletic supplies, scorebooks)
  • Uniform (one-time)
  • Number of players on a team


The typical initial participation fee per player falls in the range of $ 450 – 550 (including uniform).  Subsequent participation fees will be reduced by approximately $ 100 if a uniform is not needed.  The exact participation fee is set for each team independently.  First-time Shockers families are asked to complete and submit to the SNEBC Program Director a Participation Fee Acknowledgement Form (which can be downloaded from the link below) upon selection to a team.



Please note that the total registration fee must be payed prior to the first tournament or the player will not be eligible to play (unless other arrangements are made with the SNEBC Program Director).  To minimize the cost of participation for families, a SNEBC Financial Assistance Request Form (which can be downloaded from the Financial Assistance tab) may be completed and submitted to the SNEBC Program Director.  In cases where financial assistance is requested and approved, players will be responsible for participating in fundraising activities.  Please return registration fees (and when appropriate financial assistance requests) to Steven Cano, SNEBC Program Director, 4 Glover Road, Millbury, MA 01527 snebcshox@gmail.com.