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DuPage Youth Travel Basketball League –League Guidelines

Game Scheduling

League play will include each team home/away

League play will begin November 1, 2012 and conclude by February 27th, 2013 for the Silver division and March 6th for the Gold division

Teams schedule league games at their discretion

Rescheduling of league games is allowed at the coaches discretion

Games that are canceled and not rescheduled before the division conclusion dates above will count as a forfeit by the team responsible for the cancelation.

Games canceled due to bad weather that can not be rescheduled will NOT count in the standings. (Please make every effort to play all of your scheduled games)

Teams may also schedule non-league and tournament games at their discretion

Coaches will participate in a mandatory scheduling meeting (October 21st)

Head coaches will provide a copy of their league schedule to the league coordinators for posting on the DYTBL web site League Standings

Home team coaches and winning team coaches are responsible for e-mailing league game results to their league coordinators in a timely fashion for posting on the web site·

Standings impact tournament seeding

First tie-breaker – head to head play

Second tie-breaker - total least points allowed

The winner of the league regular season may choose to purchase trophies for their team at their expense


All teams MUST agree to participate in the season ending league tournament and pay the entry fee at the Scheduling Meeting

All league rules apply to tournament play

Post Season tournament is TBA based upon the number of teams in each division but will consist of a 3 game minimum.

Tournament entry costs will be set by the host site and include referee, gym rental and trophy fees

Tournament coordinator (could be site head coach or Park District member) will be responsible for e-mailing game results to league coordinators for posting on web site

Player Guidelines

For the 2012/2013 season players must be in the grade that they are playing or younger.

Team rosters MUST be submitted to the League Coordinators before league play begins. Rosters are considered “frozen” at the beginning of the league season and will remain as such throughout the post season tournament. Players injured at the beginning of the season must be included on the roster if they are expected to play at a later time. Contact the League Coordinator for roster copies.

League games played without completed and submitted rosters are subject to forfeit.

Proof of Insurance is required by all teams and must be submitted to League Coordinators prior to the first league game. League games played without Submitted Proof of Insurance are subject to forfeit. 

DuPage Youth Travel Basketball League –Games Rules

Rules apply to all league games and tournament play

Except for specific rules below, IHSA rules apply.

Teams must be allowed a minimum of 3 minutes before games for warm-up.

Games will consist of 4-7 minute quarters with clock stops on all whistles. Quarters 1 and 2 constitute first half while quarters 3 and 4 constitute second half. 1 minute allowed between quarters.

5 time outs (3 full and 2 30-second) are allowed per team per game. Unused timeouts rollover to overtime. One additional time out is given for each overtime. Full time-outs are 1 minute inn length.

There will be a half time of 5 minutes between halves.

In case of tie game after regulation, first overtime will be 2 minutes in length. Subsequent overtimes will be 1 minute in length. Clock stops on all whistles. 1 minute allowed between 4th quarter and the beginning of overtime and each subsequent overtime. Jump balls start overtime.

Games may be shortened by referees and/or officials at their discretion, with the exception of overtime. Game shortening is a one-time event with the specific cause and cannot be standard practice at any gym site.

Three point shot is in effect.

Full court press is allowed at any time during the game for 6th-8th Grade. Fourth and Fifth Grade cannot full court press until the last one minute of the first half or the last two minutes of the game. A team cannot press if they are ahead by 15 points or more.

Defense may be man-to-man or zone.

Five fouls result in foul out. Bonus (1 and 1) on 7th team foul and thereafter each half. Super Bonus (2 shot) on 10th team foul and thereafter each half.

Two technical fouls on coach or player in one game result in immediate ejection. Technical fouls count as non-shooting fouls.

At the discretion of the referees, any player judged guilty or fouling with deliberate intent to injure will be ejected.

Referees are instructed to have zero tolerance for foul or abusive language from players, coaches, parents and/or fans. Referees have the authority to issue technical fouls and, if necessary, ejections. Coaches are responsible for players, parents and/or fan behavior. Failure on part of coach, player, parent and/or fan to promptly leave gym upon ejection will result in game forfeiture.

Referee’s decisions are final. No protests allowed.

At a 30 point discrepancy in the score, the scoreboard will be set to “0-0”. The clock will continue to be shown as well as the number of fouls. The official scorebook will still be maintained with the final score reported for the standings in the web site.·

Home team’s score book is the official scorebook. Both teams are responsible for entering their line-up. Home team is responsible for supplying someone to keep the scorebook as well as the clock.

Teams must supply their own warm-up balls.

Referees – League games require 2 patched officials per game. 1 Patched official may be used if agreed to by both coaches. If using 1 official is not agreed to by coaches then the Home team forfeits the game.

Ball size – 4th/5th Grade Boy’s will use a 28.5 ball. 6th-8th Grade Boy’s will use a regulation size ball.