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South Gate Aquatics Club

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After having succesfully passed our Swim Team Tryouts, your child is ready to begin their Free Two-Week Trial. Swim Practice is held Monday through Thursday from 5pm to 7pm at the South Gate Swim Stadium. Since every swimmer’s endurance level is different, everyone starts with only one hour of swim practice. If the swimmer is capable of enduring more than one hour of practice then on the next day they will be allowed to train up to two hours for the remainder of the trial period.

For Swim training all that is required is a pair of goggles, proper bathing suit and a swim cap (optional for men). Extra Swimming equipment will be provided for you during your two-week trial. Along with Swim training, we also conduct Dry Land training. Dry Land training consists of exercises outside of the water (such as Pull ups, Squats, Sprint Running, etc) that helps strengthen bones, tone muscles and produce a better trained athlete. For Dry Land training, please dress as if training for a physical education class, where a regular t-shirt, sweats, windbreakers, basketball shorts, tennis or running shoes are required. 

Dry Land training usually lasts a little bit over thirty minutes and is held on the following days. Coach Nari holds Dry Land training on Mondays and Wednesdays. Coach Nari conducts Dry Land training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


* After the Free Two-Week Trial


So your child tried out for the Team, trained as hard as they could during the Two-Week Trial period and would now like to join the South Gate Aquatics Club. *High Five!*

In order to officially join the South Gate Aquatic Club, parents must fill out a registration packet that is provided by anyone of our Board Members. The Competitive Sport of Swimming operates throughout the entire year and in order help provide our team with skilled Coaches, fund field trips, obtain team uniforms, training equipment, supplies and other necessities, there is a $40 monthly fee for every swimmer registered with the South Gate Aquatics Club (discounts are available for having more than one swimmer from the same immediate family in the team).

Within the first two months of joining the swim team, swimmers are required to obtain their own personal Kickboard, Fins, Zoomers, Pull Buoy and Sports Bag. Big 5, Sports Authority, Target and the Internet are a few places that have these items available for purchase, with the Internet being the best place for saving money (Amazon.com, Ebay.com and Swimoutlet.com are good places to find great deals, as always however please exercise caution when purchasing from websites).


We look forward towards having your child meet new friends, enjoying the benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle and competing in the most challenging and rewarding sport out there!



* At the time of submitting the Registration Packet there is a One-Time registration fee of $50, followed by a yearly fee that must be paid to complete the registration process. The yearly fee is paid once a year and it goes to USA Swimming (The National Governing Body for the sport of swimming in the United States). This organization enforces competitive rules and regulations and provides services that help all Swim Teams operate smoothly, remain organized and compete in a safe environment.

If the swimmer qualifies for a free or reduced lunch program at school, then the yearly fee is $7. If the swimmer does not qualify for a free lunch program, then the yearly fee is $55. To guide you through the process of registering your child with our team or answer any additional questions, please get in contact with a South Gate Aquatics Club Board Member from the Board Members section on the website or come by during our practice hours and talk to one of our Board Members in person.