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Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System Azalea Review

May. 6, 2017

Carrying a baby basket can get hard on the back after a while I’ve found, and having to cart around a stroller in the trunk of a car can take up more space than is necessary. Should it really be such a painful ordeal to have a child and travel when you need to?

Needing a car seat, a stroller, and best baby basket can really cut down on the space you have when you’re planning a family vacation or just going to see family in the next town over.

In my experience it’s best to cut down on needed items where you can and finding the right combination stroller/car seat/basket setup can be the best bet for a sure way to free up needed space!

Sturdy construction and quality parts

There are many options out there for combination strollers, but many of them fall short of the mark by using cheap, flimsy parts that will break easily and leave you needing a replacement at the worst possible time.

Not being able to use the stroller when you’re walking through the park due to a wheel breaking can really kill a vacation. Making sure you buy a quality combination stroller is a must if you and your family like to go new places and see new things.

Ease of use and safety

Being able to quickly go from walking around with the stroller to getting your baby into the car in case of bad weather or anything else that could possibly happen is also a big help. The hassle of taking a baby out of a conventional stroller and getting the child into a car seat can mean that your child could and up soaking wet from a sudden rainstorm or cold from a stiff wind.

combination stroller is the best bet for this since you can simply unhook the basket itself from the stroller frame and use it as a car seat. Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System Azalea Review.


Consolidating gear

Why carry so many useless items to carry your child around when you could just as easily use one thing for all of them? Having a compact combination stroller can make everything so much more simple and easy than carrying around multiple bulky products for your child.

No more having to drag a large stroller out of the trunk, no more having to fight to get a baby basket in and out of the car, just simply using the one item can save you such a headache! Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System Azalea Review.

Storage and extra space


It is also handy to invest in something that has storage space for diapers, extra bottles, and all other childcare items as well so you don’t have to tote around a diaper bag on top of everything else, allowing you to have more freedom to interact with your child when you’re in the park or on the playground, keeping your hands and arms free and ready to keep your baby entertained and happy instead of having to fuss with a diaper bag.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Question: What is the “Click Connect” feature?

Answer: Click Connect is a feature that allows you to attach the car seat to the best  strollers 2017 or the car seat base without a hassle, it allows you to hear a click when you’ve properly attached the car seat to the base or stroller.

Question: What car seat is included with the Verb Travel System?

Answer: The Verb best Travel System includes the SnugRide35 Click Connect Compatible car seat that can hold a baby from 4 to 30 pounds.

Question: Can the car seat be used on an airplane?

Answer: There is a sticker that should be on the back, bottom, or side of the car seat showing that the car seat is approved to be used in cars and aircraft in red lettering, although each airline may have a different policy for this.

Final Verdict

All things considered the Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System Azalea Review is a good purchase for the family on the go, allowing the freedom to go places with less to carry around and less hassle in putting the stroller together or away. It is so much simpler to use than most other bulky and heavy strollers that don’t include a removable car seat and gives more freedom of movement when walking with your baby.

Having a best travel system like this is well worth the cost and allows superb mobility and functionality as well as keeping your baby safer than other systems out there. Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System Azalea Review


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