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Sunset San Diego

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Sunset?

Sunset is the name of the water polo club based out of UCSD at the Canyonview pools.  During school, Sunset includes evening water polo practices twice per week and Saturday or Sunday tournaments. During summer, the club practices 4-5 times per week with tournaments on Saturdays and Sundays.  The club practice and tournament schedules change depending on the season of the year.


2. Who should join Sunset?

Sunset is open for anyone to join.  If you have an interest in playing water polo at your high school, or you're wondering if water polo is the sport for you, try the Sunset Club.  You'll meet other players from around San Diego and see why people are so enthusiastic about this game. It's your chance to learn water polo, get your body in condition, and meet new people before school starts.  Everyone interested in water polo in High School water polo, or as a Middle School student curious about what it takes to play water polo, should join the Sunset Club.


3. How do I join Sunset?

You must be a member of the USA Water Polo Association to be in the Sunset Club. You can download a registration form from their web site. You'll find a link to USA Water Polo on the home page of this web site. The Sunset Club number is #137.

There is also a seasonal fee for participating in Sunset club water polo. These fees cover the cost of renting pool time from UCSD, tournament entries, league dues and coaches fees. 

Contact Coach Joey Kienle at 858-869-4183, and tell him that you want to start club water polo. You'll need a speedo type bathing suit and swim goggles. Show up at practice, introduce yourself to one of our coaches and you're ready to start club water polo!