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meeting 10/8/07

Oct. 10, 2007

Here are the minutes from the meeting 10/8/07:

Big thank you to everyone who helped out this weekend in Midland! It was lots of fun, and we appreciated everyone's enthuasiam during the weekend. I hope everyone had fun; I believe everyone got to play at least twice so kudos to that!

This weekend: SANTA FE (the Alumni Match was cancelled)

Everyone is invited to attend! Men's team and Women's team will be playing, and beginners and intermediates will be participating in a Coach's Clinic. It's a great opportunity to learn from one of the best polo umpires. (You can learn those rule things... ) Also going on is the Pumpkin Fest. We encourage you to have a great time at the festival during the weekend. But, we do ask that you help out with horses as well. We will be leaving by 7am on Friday morning; however in order to get the horses loaded on time we need everyone to be out there by 6am. We are going to load the tack and other stuff the night before. We are leaving this early so that the intermediates and beginners can participate in the Coach's Clinic on Friday at 3pm. Approximate housing prices will be sent out as sooon as we get an approximate head count so if you are thinking of going, please let us know. We will be carpooling so be prepared to pay for half a tank of gas.

Rider Evaluations:

Over the past few weeks Clyde and Suzanne have been watching you ride during lessons and around lessons. Through these observations, they have put together the riding levels list. It will be posted at the barn. If you have any questions about your level, please ask. If you would like to be formally evaluated, it will be today at the 6pm lesson time, or talk to Clyde or Suzanne, and they will work out a time with you. If you simply would like to know what to improve on, simply ask and they will give you areas to work on. The goal of these rider evaluations is for you to ride horses that you can focus on learning on instead of being worried about controlling the horse. You are not stuck in that level for the entire semester; but improvement must be shown in order to move levels. (That is to be determined by Clyde and Suzanne.)

New Lesson:

In leui of schedules and full beginner practices, we have added another beginner riding on Wednesdays at 4pm. Please understand that everyone is guaranteed 1 riding lesson a week. You are welcome to ride in multiple lessons, but people who have not ridden yet that week will take precedence. We are going to try our best to split horses between people so that everyone that comes out will get to ride.


The barn looks GREAT so keep up the good work! Remember to clean up after your horse in the barn and to sponge off your bridle if its really sweat (we don't want mold to grow). It seems as though we are going through grain very quickly so we would like to remind everyone about feeding, and let you know a few minimal changes. There is a black scouper, which is a bit smaller than the silver scoupers, that is the amount each horse should get. For each feeding, you should use 2 bags of grain. Also remember that the new horse pasture(the back back left, or trap 4) doesn't need grain. Any horses not in the 3 main pastures(the front left, and the two large ones) do not need to be fed by club members. Heather will take care of those. Horses will be moving around this week (and some will be sold) so please remember to count the number of horses in each pasture. If any significant changes are made, an email will be sent out to notify you.

New Officer:

Due to scheduling and time constraints, Jared has decided to step down as barn manager. We would like to thank him for his efforts in supporting the club. At the meeting, a vote was taken and Josh Price was elected to the Barn Manager position.

Most importantly:

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please voice them. Nothing can be fixed without your input, and it matters to the club, to the officers, and to me what you think, positive or negative. Although we cannot guarantee the problem will be solved, we will adress your concerns as best as possible. -If you are wanting to go to Santa Fe, please let me know!




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