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Our Ponies have all been donated, and we have 28 horses to date. 


Men's Varsity String


Sadie is a men's team horse that is a bit of a challenge to ride but an amazing polo pony with a good rider. She's a very sweet horse and loves to make catching her a challenge, but a handful of grain gets her every time. Sadie is agile and speedy in the arena and always keeps her riders on their toes. She's definitely a valuable pony in the club.  














Kahlua has been an extremely versatile polo pony for the Tech polo club. She's been on the men and women's team and has performed at her top the entire time. She is very energetic and has tons of personality. Kahlua is also an easy keeper because she seems to always be the first to her feeder in the paddock and never lets anyone get in the way of her meals! 











Woman's String



He was donated in the Spring of 2007 with 16 other horses.  While he hasn't decided yet whether or not he enjoys working, he has suprised us with his sliding stops and the ability to turn on a dime.  In other words, while he is often difficult to catch, he makes the effort worth it.  He is currently a hard working horse for the women's string.




Apple is a horse with spunk and energy. She is a challenge to catch unless you can trick her with a few treats or a bucket of grain. Apple puts all her energy forth in a game and has proved to be one of the most athletic horses on the property. Because of her size she is a valuable part of the women's string. She always puts forth her best and is a favorite among the team. 

























Men's JV String


Pompita was a loaner horse to the club for two seasons before she was officially donated to the club in the spring of 2007.  Pompita is a highly athletic horse, and has been a member of the men's string since she first came to the club.  At the men's regionals in 2006, Pompita won the Best Playing Pony award and won it again at Fall Fandango in 2007.  Our club is excited to have such a talented horse join our ranks, and we look forward to a bright future with her




Shortay is a very sweet horse who has been a member of the men's and women's team for her whole time at Tech.  She doesn't like to be told what to do, she likes to be asked.  When you play her with that mind she is awsome.  She is a little beat up looking but makes up for it with her personality.  Shortay is easy to catch, and a nice horse to ride.












Club Horses


Vido is a tried and true kind of guy.  Born and raised in Argentina, Vido has been playing polo for his entire life.  He has been a valuable member of club since the fall of 2003 and has won numerous awards including Best Playing Pony at the men's regionals in 2005.  Vido has done whatever job our club needed him to do.  This includes acting as a club horse when our own club was small, playing for both the men and the women, when we didn't have enough horses to split the strings, while still going strong, Vido is currently a valuable member of the men's string.  He quickly becomes a favorite with anyone who rides him due to the effort he puts out on the field every time he steps into the arena. Vido won Best Playing Pony at Fall Fandango in 2007.  



Crash generally lives up to his name.  He is strong and can have a great bump with the right encouragement.  In the past Crash has served his time as a team pony, but now he lives out his days as a club favorite intermediate horse.  He is always one of the first to meet you in the pasture, and truely enjoys his job.  He keeps his gentle attitude with you for the entire ride, which makes him great for the newer polo players.  However, he attracts the more experienced riders with his quick but reliable abilities.