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Dear Friends:

YOU ARE INVITED to help support one of Texas Tech’s top nationally ranked intercollegiate Polo Club, through donations and sponsorships.  The Texas Tech Polo Club is dedicated to introducing the game of Polo to anyone interested in learning.  Our club strives to fabricate winning and honorable athletes who are interested in equestrian activities and wish to learn something new. 

With one National Championship title and a several Regional titles, the Texas Tech Polo Club has the potential to become more and continue to grow in success.  We take pride in our success and continual growth of our club. 

The Texas Tech Polo Club predicts another year of success in the 2009 season. However, with success and growth comes the need for help from people like you!  With a barn and facilities that we maintain and lease, over thirty horses to care for, travel expenses, and very little funding from the Texas Tech University, our club survives on membership dues alone.  With our continual growth in the members in our club we have also gained more responsibilities.  Our club, however, can do more than just survive; it can prosper, with your help.  We rely on generous donors and sponsors, like you, to ensure that we have the means to participate in local, state, and national competitions. 

Our club accepts all donations and can often times be tax-deductable. Donations can be anything, including monetary gifts, saddles, tack, mallets, practice balls, buckets, whips, jerseys, hay, or feed.  All donations each semester keep the club running and are a key element in our season’s budget and what it permits us to do.

All donations/sponsors will be recognized in helping the success and growth of the Texas Tech Polo Club and its ability to participate in intercollegiate polo.  Depending on the value of donation or sponsorships, donors and sponsors will receive free advertisement or public recognition on the Tech Polo Club website, http://freeteams.net/techpoloclub/index.html, as well as many other gifts as thank you for their generosity and support of our club.

We hope you and your business will take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the enthusiasm and development of the Texas Tech Polo Club!

If you are able to donate, please contact the secretary at techpolo@live.com.

Thanks goes out to all of you who have donated to the club over the years, it is highly appreciated.





The following areas are available for monetary support and/or the donation of supplies:


-      $500/horse/semester

-      Money shall go towards a new saddle pad, new bell boots, shoeing, and other general upkeep of the horse

-      Sponsors will receive pictures of the horse and name recognition on the club’s website http://freeteams.net/techpoloclub/index.html



-      $500 value

-      Individual donors will be recognized in accordance with their donation level

-      The Sponsor’s Company website and contact information will be linked with the club’s website http://freeteams.net/techpoloclub/index.html



-      $1000 value OR supply 3 round bales per month

-      Individual donors will be recognized in accordance with their donation level

-      The Sponsor’s Company website and contact information will be linked with the website http://freeteams.net/techpoloclub/index.html





We can also use monetary gifts for the following areas:

-      Team expenses (i.e. jerseys, mallets, foot mallets, practice balls)

-      Travel expenses

-      Tack and other equipment (saddles, bridles, straight & draw reins)

-      Horse expenses  (i.e. medical supplies, wraps, bell boots, feed, hay, shavings)








The following scale will be used to reward monetary and/or equipment donations:


Silver $100 or more – receive a Texas Tech Polo Shirt

Gold $200 or more – receive SILVER level plus free advertisement on the Texas Tech Polo Club website with link to donors/sponsors company website

Platinum $500 or more – receive Gold level plus plaque with club picture

Titanium $1000 or more – receive Platinum level plus free advertising in all publications, at all events, and on web-site



Lucy Abell 

Texas Tech Polo Club

2008 9th Street, Unit E

Lubbock, TX 79401 


Dear Ms. Abell


It is my intent to make a donation to the Texas Tech Polo Club.  I understand that I receive a tax-deductible charitable contribution if I donate the equipment and/or money to the Texas Tech Polo Club.


For equipment donations:

I am aware that the United State Internal Revenue Service has limitations on the total monetary value of the equipment that I can donate without documentation.  I have had the equipment appraised and the fair market value of the donation is $                      .  I have attached a description of the equipment and its condition.  For equipment donations exceeding $5,000.00, a copy of the independent appraisal must be included. The Texas Tech Polo Club can assist with the appropriate tax forms and any receipts requested.


For monetary contributions:

            I have chosen to make a monetary contribution of $                     to Polo.  I would like this donation to be tax deductible  / non-tax deductible . It is my wish that the money be used for the following:

                              Team Equipment/Travel

                              Non-Endowed Scholarship

            ______            Tack/feed/general supplies

            ______            Horse sponsorships (please supply name of horse: ______________)


                              My company,                                  , has a matching gifts program and will contribute $                     (please include any necessary paperwork).

(This is a non-NCAA sponsored activity administered by the Texas Tech

Department of Recreational Sports.)


Printed name:                                                       Signature:                                                 

Address:                                                                Date:                                                        




For tax deductible donations and non-tax deductible donations, please make check payable to TTU Polo.