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U14 State Cup

Competitive Team


Head Coach

Marlon Mejia 


FYSA D coaching license 

FYSA E coaching license 

Tryout Info

May 29th: 6:30 - 8:00

May 31st: 7:00 - 8:30

Field 4

Field Layout

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Competition Soccer Philosophy : Marlon Mejia

I thought it may be helpful to provide you with an idea of who I am and what my "coaching philosophy" is. Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is! We are  in a competitive environment and my focus is put on making sure the players are well trained and not pampered. With that in mind, I try to have fun with the  development by keeping everything positive while not losing sight of the bottom line. I believe in speaking with a positive attitude full of encouragement and praise  so a player and team continue to develop.
If the players have fun and view soccer as a positive experience, they will want to show up and continue to learn. If the player happens to fail at something during  practice or a game, they are willing to continue to play on and not give up. This can be accomplished by pointing the immediate focus to development, and not  wins and losses. The wins will come as will losses, with the wins coming more frequently based on how the players practice as a whole. I believe that you play  the way you practice. The more prepared we are as a team, the easier the game will become. Players will recognize their abilities easier in a game due to the  constant effort and hard work put in during the practice sessions.
I believe that soccer skills are a requirement when developing the foundation of all players. I believe there is a strong need to spend practices concentrating on  developing critical skills such as dribbling, passing, trapping and shooting to strengthen the confidence of the players when on the field. The more ball touches  accomplished in practice, the more the players' skills will develop leading to confidence amongst the team in one another. Communication is a strong belief of mine. I try to keep things in perspective, remembering what I was like at their age and what I could do then; I don't judge  the players by what they can do now but rather on their willingness to put in the effort to grow into a stronger player and desire to be part of a team. I want my  players to know that team will not develop itself; it is up to all of us. It is up to me to be a communicator, a listener and a giver of feedback in order for our team to develop. In order to call ourselves a team we all must respect one another, have the same level of commitment, play as a whole as opposed to individuals, do the best we can and want to WIN!


Our mission is to provide the best opportunity for every player to develop to their technical, physical, and tactical level of play. Repetition and Dedication are main  reasons for success in sports. To help improve the player's ball skills & conditioning, we encourage players to work on their own or to work with personal trainer. Player Development should be thought of in the same manner of "School homework", if the player is to develop, it will take additional effort on 'off days' outside of team practices and games. Strong technical skills are vital for players on this team and must continue to be developed on a personal level by each player. Goalkeeping is a specialized position. Additional training outside of practice is highly encouraged. Goalkeepers will train in own sessions w/Keeper trainer during practice to begin taking a high level of responsibility for their development and commitment to their position.


The U14Team Trainer, Dave Luna, is scheduled for two training session per week during the Fall and Spring seasons. Our Team Trainer will continue to attend scheduled home league games. Training sessions will incorporate conditioning, strength & agility aspects of physical development.  Note: Parents may schedule a personal training session and will be billed separately for any additional costs but must be approved by the coach. 
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Best regards,
Marlon Mejia