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Tyler Stachler's CAD Page Logo

Welcome to my CAD website!


My name is Tyler Stachler and I am currently a student at Saline High School located in Michigan. Thank you for visiting my portfolio webpage where you will find examples of my work using programs such a Inventor and AutoCAD.  




Please note the photos below and also the nav tabs to the left herein for more examples of my work. Over the past few years, I have entered some of my projects into the Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society (MITES) competition. This is a long standing competition that reviews design submissions from residents across the State of Michigan. The Photo Realistic Rendering tab on the left will yield more examples of the projects I have submitted to this competition.  




Thank you once again for your visit and consideration.


 Russian T-34-100 Tank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

CAD class of 2014-2015           We received 22 state plaques for the projects that we submitted.


 I won 6 regional ribbons and 6 state ribbons, plus a first place state plaque.

 CAD class of 2015-2016          We received 32 state plaques for the projects that we submitted.

Unfortunately for the 2016 M.I.T.E.S competition, no regional ribbons were given out since the advisors deemed them "unnecessary." However, as shown in the picture above, I did aquire a multitude of State of Michigan awards including a second place state plaque and ribbon.



 Cutaway hand drawn Nakajima Ki-84Ia Hayate. 

 CAD class of 2016-2017          We received 36 state plaques for the projects that we submitted.




For the 2017 competition no regional ribbons were awarded, however all my projects made it to the state competition. I received two 2nd place state plaques, a first place state plaque, and an 8th place state ribbon.