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 Duties Of The Expert President
1) Responsible for the recruiting of all members and maintaining at least eight members. Create a fun, competitive, and fair environment. 
2) Develop personal Yahoo emails for every member.
3) Create avatars for all participants.
4) Assign nicknames based on the favorite team of each competitor.
5) Record and file history of the results for every season. Keep track of the years of participation for each member.  
6) Organize and develop the Yahoo site.
7) Explain to the group...... "log-in" and all mechanics offered by the site.
8) Name the group, develop additional contests, select scoring options, determine entry fee, decide monetary value of prizes, assign necessary operational dates and meet Yahoo deadlines. All of these tasks must be approved by the Executive Board Of Directors.
9) Recognize group winners and make sure the correct Yahoo trophies are assigned.
10) Supervise the duties of all officers on the Executive Board Of Directors.

11) Develop and maintain the Expert Forum.

12) Perform all duties of Commissioner on the Yahoo Pick'em Tourney Website.
BOARD OF DIRECTOR VOTING....President receives 2 votes, in case of a tie, all Expert members will vote.


1) The Vice President assumes all the CEO duties in case The President is incapacitated and unable to function.
2) Email all new members and welcome them to the group.
3) Help new members and review with them the various functions of our site. This may be accomplished by email or telephone.
4) Responsible for being our Expert Featured Writer....... comment (using our message board) after all 6 rounds of the tournament. Try to look for significant tournament happenings, NCAA MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER,  along with key selections by our members.  
5) Tabulate the scores of any additional contests and announce results.

Sergeant Of Arms, Message Board Moderator
1) You are in complete charge of the Message Board. The RULES will be listed on the Expert Site and you will be responsible for enforcing them. You will be given the Commissioner's special password to perform your duties.
2) You will have the authority to "Ban" members for any SERIOUS violation.......but, only after a written reprimand. (copy sent to President)
3) You may deny a member (There's a "Lock-Out" button) the privilege of participating on the MESSAGE BOARD for a MINOR violation.....but, only after a written reprimand. (copy sent to president).
4) You are to DEVELOP the rules of conduct for the message board, which must be approved by the Executive Committee.
5) You are to list the RULES and any relevant information regarding conduct on the Commissioner's Section of our site. 

Expert Group Treasurer
1) Keep a list (roster) of the ENTRY FEE for each member.  The amount of money paid and the date received should be included.
2) Send (email) a "REMINDER" to all members on February 1, 2011.....use ROSTER list. Please include your mailing address.
3) Final written reminder on February 10, 2011......contact (email) all members showing the progress, again use the ROSTER form. Please include your mailing address.
4)  Notify the President by February 15, 2011 of any member who still hasn't paid......the President will telephone each of them.  All money must be received by February 18, 2011. Notify the President of all "OFFICIAL MEMBERS".
5) Distribute the prize money......either by cash (if they come by your residence) or mail checks to all others. The treasurer is NOT to make deliveries.