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    ImageImage ----------------------------------------------------------------- Experts: 1) Go to our main MESSAGE BOARD, Click: Home |, log-in with your username and password . Usernames: nancy4bb, rey4bb, doug4bb, gregw4bb, justin4bb, carl4bb, stever4bb, james4bb, lola4bb, fm4bb (Frank). 2) On the menu at the top, click "Bubble Contest". 3) This takes you to our special contest website, log-in again. 4) Click: " To Enter Bubble Contest"" 5) Then Click: "All Experts Click Here". Do NOT click "Create Thread" which is in the yellow box. 6) Go to the section with your name on it by scrolling down the page.  All your teams are written for you, just write "IN" or "OUT" after each.. Deadline is next Tuesday (March 8, 2016) at 10:00pm (Eastern Time).  Winner  will be award an extra bracket (Bubble Bracket). Have a great weekend! PirateDave

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