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Last year's Sweet 16,  including rules and directions.






PART 1: Answer A or B for the winners of each game 

1)A-Notre Dame vs. B-Wichita State: A

2)A-Kentucky vs. B-West Virginia: A

3)A-North Carolina vs. B-Wisconsin: B

4)A-Arizona vs. B-Xavier: A

5)A-Gonzaga vs.B-UCLA: A

6)A-Duke vs. B-Utah:A

7)A-N.C.State vs. B-Louisville: B

8)A-Michigan State vs. B-Oklahoma: A

PART 2: After each of your selections below, write YES ( 5 or less points) or NO (6 or more points) by determining if the game will be decided by 5 points or less. 

9)Notre Dame vs. Wichita State :No

10)Kentucky vs. West Virginia : No

11)North Carolina vs. Wisconsin : No

12)Arizona vs. Xavier : No

13)Gonzaga vs. UCLA : No

14)Duke vs. Utah : No

15)N.C. State vs. Louisville : No

16)Michigan State vs. Oklahoma: YES 

NOTE, 1)You may have your team incorrect, but still might get points for the YES or NO part. 2) Write "Yes" or "No" only. (penalty if written differently, no consideration in a tie) and 3) Your selections for this special contest may be different than your bracket.

DEADLINE: Your selections must be posted on our MESSAGE BOARD by 4:00pm, Thursday, March 26, 2015 (No Exceptions!)

SCORING: 1-7 will be awarded 8 points, #3 (Featured Game) is worth 12 points and 9-16 are all worth 4 points.

In Case Of A TIE: First Expert Member to post their teams on this MESSAGE BOARD will win


                    2015             SWEET 16        CONTEST

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