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   Pirate Dave 



   Nancy Evans




           Rey Kuvelis



       Doug Sharpe





     Steve Kuchen






     Sonny Snead




   Rick Evans






  Matthew Evans





Kyle Evans


Kevin Neeley   


Austin Neeley





       Steve Ross





 Frank McCree










Our Comics





              Dave..... Seton Hall finally has an arena on campus!!








 Rey........UCLA's future 5- star player!







Doug Sharpe Auto Sales has this sign in every car window on his lot.




Steve K's been trained by the best.....Coach Willard!





Sonny's teachers get paid a fortune at Virginia Tech!








  Kyle , Your Mountaineers are in for a gigantic fall.






Hey Rick, Is Coach Huggins running his team like a prison?







 Steve Ross (TN Volunteers)......If only Pat Summitt could coach this team!








Frank......We know you're a huge Seton Hall Pirate fan, but is the sword really necessary?






  Hey Austin, We Knew You Were Our Youngest Member, But This Is Ridiculous!


 The Only Way Kevin Can Dunk!





Matthew Gets A Little Help For His Slam




 Hey Nate, When Did They Let You Out Of The Funny Farm?




 Chuck's's An Absolute Terror On The Court!


Ava truly flies, check out the Basket on her bird house!