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 Bulletin #1



Dear 2018 Experts,

Another season of college basketball is just a few days ahead and our website opens November 1, 2017. Listed below are your user names and passwords. Please check over our address information and let me know if anything has changed. Membership will once again be $20.00 and we send you a stamped-self addressed envelope in the middle of February, 2018. 

Hope you enjoy this year's activities.

PirateDave, Experts President 

* MAIN WEBSITE: no1experts.boards.net/

HISTORY WEBSITE: freeteams.com/u4expert/

YAHOO WEBSITE FOR BRACKET COMPETITION: tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/1588



Evans, Rick....rick44bb
Pirate Dave....dave4bb
Kuvelis, Rey...rey4bb
McCree, Frank....fm4b
Ross, Steve....stever4bb
Sharpe, Doug....doug4bb
Snead, Sonny....carl4bb
Kuchen, Steve..steve4bb
Walker, Chuck.....chuck4bb

Yahoo Email Address, Name, Favorite College Team, Physical Address, Phone Number, Membership Years, and Contact Email Address

1) dave4bb@yahoo.com PirateDave, (Seton Hall), 120 Hampshire Dr. Eaton, OH 45320 (Year13) u4doc@yahoo.com 

2) rey4bb@yahoo.com Rey Kuvelis (UCLA), 2515 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95605 (916)870-4855 (Year 13) reyk4bb@yahoo.com

3) doug4bb@yahoo.com Doug Sharpe (Duke), 2432 N. Church Street, Burlington, TN 27217 (336)227- 6162 (Year 11) dougsharpes@gmail.com 

4) carl4bb@yahoo.com Sonny (Carl) Snead (VA Tech), 4416 Eastport Blvd, Unit N-8, Little River, SC 29566, (540-392-4778 (Year 8) Ssneado@aol.com

5) stever4bb@yahoo.com Steve Ross, (Tennessee), 770 Palmer Rd, Lexington, TN 38351 (731) 225-0075 (Year5) jsross5@yahoo.com

6) rick4bb@yahoo.com, Rick Evans (West Virginia), 11 Hickory Ridge Rd, Princeton, WV 24740, 304-961-0729 (Year 6) a2zsteelersfan@yahoo.com

7) chuck4bb@yahoo.com, Chuck Walker, (Tennessee), 28 Kenningston Cove, Jackson, TN 38305 (Year5) (731) 414-8549, walker8549@yahoo.com

8) fm4bb@yahoo.com. Frank McCree, (Seton Hall), 115 Old Short Hills Rd, Apt 388, West Orange, NJ 07050 (973) 736-1793 (Year 4) frankmccree@hotmail.com

9) steve4bb@yahoo.com, Steve Kuchen,(Seton Hall), 807 Tanglewood Court, Manchester Township, NJ 08759 732-713-0125, (Year 4) skuch@comcast.net

Bulletin #2



Season 13, Bulletin #2-

1) IMPORTANT: * Our MAIN WEBSITE LINK HAS BEEN CHANGED. This is the new one: no1experts.boards.net/ (change has been made below on Bulletin #1)

2) Our main website has many changes. Your favorite team now has a separate section. It's up to you to check this regularly.

3) If I don't hear from you by November 15, 2017, that means you will continue being a member for the 2017-18 season. 

Thanks you.


Bulletin #3



FROM: PirateDave, President
RE: New Contest: 
Date: Nov. 4, 2017


1) Go to our main website by clicking: no1experts.boards.net/
2) Log-In (see your USERNAME below), PASSWORD for all Experts is : ball2018
3) Very simple contest, should take 5- 10 minutes at most.
4) On our website menu, click "Special Contests"
5) Find your name and complete both parts. Directions are on your entry. 
5) PRIZE: FREE BRACKET for your Yahoo Competition. (In case of a tie, all are awarded a bracket)
6) DEADLINE: 12 Noon, Friday-November 10, 2017 All teams are in action on this date.
7) Next contest will be in 2018.

NOTE: My entry is already complete and feel free to use it as a guide. All entries will be LOCKED upon completion.

Evans, Rick....rick44bb
Pirate Dave....dave4bb
Kuvelis, Rey...rey4bb
McCree, Frank....fm4b
Ross, Steve....stever4bb
Sharpe, Doug....doug4bb
Snead, Sonny....carl4bb
Kuchen, Steve..steve4bb
Walker, Chuck.....chuck4bb


Bulletin #4


Part 1 Rick: 14-1 Dave: 15-2 Sonny: 14-3 Doug: 13-3 Steve R: 13-3 Steve K: 13-4 Frank 13-4 Rey: 12-5 Chuck: 10-6 Part 2 Rick: 4-0 Steve R: 4-0 Dave: 3-1 Rey: 3-1 Doug: 3-1 Sonny: 3-3 Chuck: 1-3 Steve K: 1-3 Frank: 0-4 Check Our Special Contests Website For Details.
Notes: 1) Dues Of $20.00- Send To David Cunningham, 120 Hampshire Dr. Eaton, OH 45320 (Deadline is Feb. 17, 2017). 2) Steve Kuchen is our new Vice President And Will Be Responsible For checking the results of All CONTESTS. The man is a whiz at numbers, his word is final.  3) Bubble Contest Entries Must Be On Our Website By February 28, 2018. 4) Four teams of our Experts are ranked in the "Top 25". The other two have a good chance to be invited to the NCAA Tournament. 5) Any concerns, questions, or suggestions are encouraged. Don't hesitate to contact me. Hope your NEW YEAR is off to a great start! Warm regards, PirateDave ************************************************************************************************* Bulletin #5

Dear Experts:

Deadline is Feb. 17, 2018. Please send your $20.00 as soon as possible to :

David Cunningham
120 Hampshire Dr
Eaton, OH 45320

Phone: (937) 336-5029

Would be great to have at least one more member, giving us a total of 10 Experts. 
If you know of someone, please contact me. 

Your cooperation is very much appreciated and 2018 should be another season of enjoyment.


Dave: $20.00,January 31, 2018
Steve K:
Steve R:
Frank: $20.00, January 31, 2018
Jim:$20.00, February 1, 2018

BULLETIN  #6 Dear Experts,

I'm happy to welcome two new members to our group: Jim Douglas And Barbara Snead. We now have 10 members. 
All our websites are now current and please check them all out. 

Have a great weekend.
PirateDave, President

Main Website: no1experts.boards.net/

Special Contest Website Website: contests4experts.freeforums.net/

Our History Website: freeteams.com/u4expert/ 

Click: Our Yahoo Bracket Website

Password for all Our Websites: "ball2018"

*USERNAMES For All Websites:

fm4bb (Frank)

* Barbara and Jim will need to use their entire email as their username for 
our history website. (The 3 other websites will only need barbara4bb and jim4bb)

Read more: http://no1experts.boards.net/thread/6302/bulletin-6#ixzz572xw1L98
BULLETIN #7 Related image Dear Experts: Just 24 days until Selection Sunday and the beginning of our 1018 bracket competition. Please take note of the following: 1) Our BUBBLE CONTEST will start a week from tomorrow (Feb. 21) and all entries must be posted by 6:00 pm on Sunday- February 25, 2018. Go to our Special Contests Website and follow the simple directions. 2) Our Yahoo Website is all setup and it's the earliest it's ever been made available. However, you won't be able to complete your bracket until Sunday-March 11th and the deadline is 10:00 pm, Wednesday- March 14, 2018.  3) The NCAA Tournament will run from Thursday-March 15 until the Championship Game on Monday-April 2, 2018.  4) An extra bracket will be awarded to the winners of our Sweet 16 Contest (on-going) and Buble Contest. 5) Please don't wait until March to become familiar with our sites. So much effort has been put into these activities and it's each member's responsibility to practice navigating all our features for each of our websites. Almost all groups require that each member do their own registering for their brackets......this is all done for you! 6) On the Yahoo website, a bracket name was assigned. However, feel free to change it if you desire another name. You may also change your password, but it must be put back to the original ("year2018") after the NCAA tournament games  are over on April 2, 2018. 7) PRIZE MONEY will be awarded to 1st Place ($100), 2nd Place ($60and 3rd Place ($35). $5.00 is used for postage and money orders. 8) Please do not change your personal logo.......all took considerable time and helps to give our Yahoo Board a uniform appearance.  9) Biggest mistake by our EXPERTS.......you forget to LOG-IN. This has to be done for each website! 10) Please CONTACT  me if you have any concerns or problems. You may email me at u4doc@yahoo.com or telephone (937) 336-5029. Check out the links for our websites and the updated standings for our ongoing CRYSTAL BALL CONTEST.  Sincerely; PirateDave, Experts President Here are the LINKS to quickly locate our websites: 1) Our MAIN WEBSITE: http://no1experts.boards.net/ 2)  Experts History Website: http://freeteams.com/u4expert/ 3) Special Contests Website  http://contests4experts.freeforums.net/ 4) Yahoo Website for our BRACKET COMPETITION: https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/2214 UP-To-Date (Through Feb 12, 2017) CRYSTAL BALL STANDINGS

Part 1
Dave: Correct-19, Wrong-5

Steve: Correct- 18, Lost- 6

Sonny: Correct- 18, Wrong- 6

Steve K: Correct 17, Wrong- 7

Frank: Correct- 17, Wrong- 7

Rey: Correct-16, Wrong-8

Chuck: Correct-14, Wrong-10

Part 2

Dave: Correct-5, Wrong-2

Rey: Correct-4, Wrong-2

Steve R: Correct-5, Wrong-3

Sonny: Correct-5. Wrong-4

Steve K: Correct-3, Wrong-4

 Correct-2, Wrong-5

Chuck: Correct-2, Wrong-6
BULLETIN #8 To: All Experts
From: President PirateDave

Date: February,20.2018

Re: Bubble Contest

1) Vice President Kuchen has posted the BUBBLE TEAMS on our SPECIAL CONTESTS WEBSITE. 

2) CLICK THIS LINK: contests4experts.freeforums.net/ Scroll down to your name and make your selections.

3) MAKE SURE YOU LOG-IN! (You should know your USERNAME and PASSWORD)

4) Use the Reference Board (Front Page) which has great information about each team's record.

5) You may post your entries at this time. Deadline is Feb. 25, 2018 at 12 Noon.


Dear Experts,

As you recall, we conducted a CRYSTAL BALL CONTEST earlier this season......please consider that a practice. A new Crystal Contest will take place this week in order to give our two members an opportunity to participate. This activity takes about 10 minutes (at most) .

Thank you for your cooperation

PirateDave, President

DEADLINE is Friday, March 2, 2018 By 10:00 pm.

INSTRUCTIONS: Go Directly to the Crystal Ball Contest Website. Find your name and determine the winners of 20 games played on March 3, 2018. All the games are listed for you and you will write either "A" or "B" for your answer..

LINK (Brings You Directly To Your Name): contests4experts.freeforums.net/board/12/enter-crystal-contest-clicking-scroll 

PRIZE: Winner receives the "Crystal Ball Bracket" for our March Madness competition on Yahoo.

Image result for crystal ball clipart

BULLETIN #10 3rd Place- $35.002nd Place- $60.00 And 1st Place- $100.00 

BULLETIN #11 Inline image
Bulletin #10 To: All Experts From: PirateDave, President Date: March 7, 2018 Re: Bracket Reminder And Instructions  1) Click this LINK: http://no1experts.boards.net/board/29/click-review-bulletins-sent-members 2) Under Our 2018 Experts Banner, Go To The Menu And Click: "MAIN EVENT: YAHOO BRACKET COMPETITION". Then Click  The Name Of Your BRACKET And Make Your Selections. Click "SAVE" When Finished. 3) You Must LOG-IN! 4)  You Will Have Access To Your Bracket After The TBS Selection Show, 6:30 pm, Sunday-March 11, 2018. 5) Deadline To Enter Your Brackets Is 11:00 am, Thursday- March 15, 2018. Recommend You Have This Done Earlier! 6) Make Sure You Click "SAVE" After You Complete Your Bracket. 7) SWEET 16 Contest Will Be Held March 19-21, 2018. Winner Is Awarded The 2019 Sweet 16 Bracket. 8)  Check Out Our Message Board Daily. Post Comments! 2018 NCAA Tournament schedule

Selection Sunday N/A March 11
First Four Dayton, Ohio March 13-14
First/Second RoundPittsburgh March 15 & 17
First/Second Round Wichita, Kan. March 15 & 17
First/Second Round Dallas March 15 & 17
First/Second Round Boise, Idaho March 15 & 17
First/Second Round Charlotte, N.C. March 16 & 18
First/Second Round Detroit March 16 & 18
First/Second Round Nashville, Tenn. March 16 & 18
First/Second RoundSan Diego March 16 & 18
Sweet 16 West Los Angeles March 22
Sweet 16 South Atlanta March 22
Sweet 16 Midwest Omaha, Neb. March 23
Sweet 16 East Boston March 23
Elite Eight West Los Angeles March 24
Elite Eight South Atlanta March 24
Elite Eight Midwest Omaha, Neb. March 25
Elite Eight East Boston March 25
Final Four San Antonio March 31
NCAA championship San Antonio April 2

NCAA Tournament TV schedule
Here is the TV schedule for each round of the NCAA Tournament. You can also live stream the entire NCAA Tournament with the March Madness app. 

March 11 Selection Sunday TBS
March 13-14 First Four TRU
March 15-18 Rounds 1 and 2 CBS/TNT/TBS/TRU
March 22-23 Sweet 16 CBS/TBS
March 24-25 Elite 8 CBS/TBS
March 31 Final Four TBS
April 2 National championship TBS

BULLETIN #12 2018 SWEET 16 CONTEST DIRECTIONS (They are also posted on your entry)

PART 1: Numbers 1-8, write "A" or "B" for your prediction of each winner.

PART2: Numbers 9-16, Write "YES" if you think the score for each game will be 5 or less points, write "NO' if you predict the score will be 6 or more points.

SCORING: 1-7 (8 Points each) #8 (12 Points) and 9-16 (4 Points each).

NOTE: Only answers allowed for Part 1: "A" or "B", Part 2: "YES" or "NO". 

PRIZE: Extra Bracket For 2019!  YOUR ENTRIES MUST BE POSTED BY THURSDAY-MARCH 22, 2018 BY 12 NOON Related image BULLETIN #13 Related image

Dear Experts, Listed below are the 8 scenarios involving our 2018 championship. This is 100% accurate as the Scenario Generator on our Yahoo website was used. Either Rey or Chuck will win FIRST PLACE. Four more Experts could win 2nd or 3rd Place: Doug, Barbara, Sonny or Frank.  The CHAMPIONSHIP GAME should create plenty of excitement for our group! 
Sincerely, PirateDave
These Are  8 Possibilities For The CHAMPIONSHIP GAME If Kansas Beats Loyola or Loyola Beats Kansas (Points Stay The Same) Rey- 84 Doug- 69 Sonny- 68 Chuck- 67 Barbara- 66 Frank- 53 Barbara's Crystal Ball- 51 Steve K- 51 Dave's Bubble- 49 Dave-49 Steve R- 42 Jim- 41
If Villanova Beats Loyola Or Loyola Beats Villanova (Points Stay The Same) Rey- 100 Chuck- 83 Barbara-82 Doug-69 Frank-69 Sonny-68 Barbara's Crystal Ball-67 Dave-60 Steve K-51 Dave's Bubble- 49 Steve R-42 SJim-41 Michigan Beats Kansas Or Kansas Beats Michigan (Points Stay The Same) Rey- 132 Sonny-84 Chuck-83 Doug-69 Barbara-66 Frank-53 Barbara's Crystal Ball-51 Steve K-51 Dave's Bubble- 49 Dave-44 Steve R-42 Jim-41 Michigan Beats Villanova Rey-146 Chuck-99 Sonny-44 Barbara-82 Doug-69 Frank-69 Barbara's Crystal Ball-67 Dave-60 Steve K-51 Dave's Bubble-49 Steve R-42 Jim-41
Villanova Beats Michigan Chuck-131 Rey-116 Frank-101 Dave-92 Sonny-84 Barbara-82 Doug-69 Barbara's Crystal Ball-67 SteveK-51 Dave's Bubble-59 Steve R-42 Jim-41 Related image