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 UC Irvine Women's Lacrosse


The UC Irvine Women's Lacrosse team is a group of competitive, outgoing, and athletic girls who love to play lacrosse. The team is comprised of girls who have never played lacrosse before as well as girls who have been playing since high school and even before. The team competes across California, Arizona, and Nevada as a member of the Western Women’s Lacrosse League. The team is currently going into it's fouth season as part of the WWLL. While UCI may be a young team they have continued to grow and improve every year. The team practices year round and competes in both pre-season and regular season games. The team also hangs out outside of practices and games; they hold social events, motivate one another physically and mentally, watch other clubs compete, and regularly hang out. The team is growing stronger every year and hopes to continue to improve.


Interested in JOINING? The team holds open practice during the first two weeks of school where new players can try out the sport and meet the team. However, if you are interested in joining after or before this time, you can email uciwomensclublax@gmail.com for more information.



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Questions? Contact the team at uciwomensclublax@gmail.com 


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