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News Article - OPENING FIXTURES - Jul 27, 2010

Sunday 15 August Thursday 19 August
Referee Referee
Harthill Lothian Th  Armit Wishaw Harthill McGeechan
Shotts Carmondean  McGeechan Shotts Springhill Shanks
Tower Harvester  McLean Lothian Th Tower Bourne
Livi utd Wishaw  Sanderson Carmondean Blackburn Armit
Oscars Saltire Shanks Harvester Livi utd Easton
Springhill Loganlea Bourne Loganlea Oscars McLean
Ladywell Saltire Sanderson
Sunday 22 August Thursday  26 August
Referee Referee
Wishaw Tower Armit Harthill Springhill McGeechan
Blackburn Loganlea McGeechan Shotts Wishaw Bourne
Saltire Harthill Bourne Lothian Th Blackburn McLean
Livi utd Carmondean Shanks Carmondean Tower Easton
Springhill Oscars Easton Harvester Saltire Shanks
Ladywell Shotts McLean Oscars Ladywell Sanderson
Harvester Lothian Th Sanderson Loganlea Livi utd Armit
Sunday 29 August Thursday 2 September
Referee Referee
Loganlea Wishaw Bourne Tower Oscars Shanks
EAST / WEST CUP 9 teams Blackburn Harvester Armit
Referee Harthill Shotts Easton
Thrashbush ( A&C)    v Westquarter  ( FDS) Armit Wishaw Springhill McGeechan
Redding   (  FDS)      v Cleland  ( SC) McLean Livi utd Ladywell Bourne
Union Inn  ( FDS)      v Castlemilk Dynamo ( SC) Sanderson Saltire Loganlea McLean
Calderglen ( A&C)     v Hallglen(FDS) Easton Lothian Th Carmondean Sanderson
Sunday 5 September Sunday 12 September
Referee Referee
Oscars Livi utd GE Easton Tower Shotts Armit
Lothian Th Loganlea AA Armit Livi utd Lothian Th McLean
Harthill Blackburn CS Shanks Wishaw Saltire McGeechan
Springhill Ladywell WMc McLean Blackburn Oscars Sanderson
Shotts Saltire SS Sanderson Ladywell Loganlea Easton
Harvester Carmondean JB Bourne Carmondean Harthill Bourne
Springhill Harvester Shanks

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News Article - Season 2010/11 - Jul 27, 2010

I have created this site ONLY for posting fixtures  results and updated league table on a weekly basis .


John  Match Secretary

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