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Like & Share:Events & Results 2017

Date Event Location Results/Times
28 Jan 17 Friendly Gala Bridlington

Friendly Gala Bridlington 2017 Race Res.pdf

 Friendly Gala Bridlington 2017 Ath Res.pdf  

05 Feb 17   Yorkshire Championships 1 Leeds   Yorkshire Championships 1.pdf  
 11 Feb 17 Yorkshire Championships 2  Sheffield   Yorkshire Championships 2.pdf  
16/17 Feb 17  Time Trial - Feb   Whitby   Time Trial Feb 2017 Results.pdf  
26/27 Feb 17   Yorkshire Championships 3  Leeds  Yorkshire Championships 3.pdf  
 11 Mar 17 Kingfishers B&C Gala   Scarborough  Kingfishers BC Gala 2017 Ath. Results.pdf  
 26 Mar 17 Ridings League  Whitby 

 Ridings Gala Whitby Team Results.pdf

 Ridings Gala Whitby Ath Results.pdf   

 06 May 17 Border League  Derwent Valley 

 Border League Gala Derwent Valley Team Results.pdf 

 Border League Gala Derwent Valley Ath Results.pdf  

18/19 May 17 Time Trial - May Whitby  Time Trial May 2017 Results.pdf 
20 May 17  ASANER  Sunderland   ASANER Long Course.pdf  
10 Jun 17  Border League  Bridlington 

 Border League Gala Bridlington Team Results.pdf

  Border League Gala Bridlington Ath Results.pdf 

16-18 Jun  Scarborough A&B Gala  Scarborough   Scarborough A & B Gala Ath Results.pdf  
01 Jul 17  Bridlington ABC Gala  Bridlington     Bridlington ABC Athlete Results.pdf    
08 Jul 17  Ridings League  Bridlington 

 Ridings Gala Bridlington Team Results.pdf

 Ridings Gala Bridlington Ath Results.pdf   

15 Jul 17  Friendly Gala  Whitby 

Friendly Gala Whitby 2017 Race Res.pdf

Friendly Gala Whitby 2017 Ath Res.pdf

23 Sep 17  Ridings League  Ryedale 

Ridings Gala Ryedale Team Results.pdf 

Ridings Gala Ryedale Ath Results.pdf 

 30 Sep - 01 Oct 17  Yorkshire Winters Lower Age  Leeds  YSA Winter Lower Age Ath Results.pdf  
 14 Oct 17 Ridings League  Derwent Valley 

 Ridings Gala Derwent Valley Team Results.pdf 

 Ridings Gala Derwent Valley Ath Results.pdf