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Like & Share:Events & Results 2018

     Date                Event                Location                Results/Times          
 27 Jan 18 Friendly Gala  Bridlington

 Friendly Gala Bridlington 2018 Race Res.pdf

 Friendly Gala Bridlington 2018 Ath Res.pdf 

03-04 Feb 18  Yorkshire Spring Championships 1  Leeds   Yorkshire Spring Championships 1.pdf  
10-11 Feb 18  Yorkshire Spring Chamoionships 2  Leeds   Yorkshire Spring Championships 2.pdf  
24 Feb 18  Yorkshire Spring Championships 3  Sheffield   Yorkshire Spring Championships 3.pdf  
10 Mar 18  Ridings League  Bridlington 

 Ridings Gala Bridlington Team Results.pdf

 Ridings Gala Bridlington Ath Results.pdf   

22-23 Mar 18  Time Trials   Whitby  Time Trial Mar 2018 Results.pdf  
21 Apr 18  Border League  Beverley 

 Border League Gala Beverley Team Results.pdf

 Border League Gala Beverley Ath Results.pdf   

28 Apr 18  Ridings League  Whitby 

 Ridings Gala Whitby Team Results.pdf

 Ridings Gala Whitby Ath Results.pdf  

 19-20 May 18 SENER Spring Championships 1 Leeds   NER Spring Championships 1.pdf
26-27 May 18  SENER Spring Championships 2 Leeds   NER Spring Championships 2.pdf