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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) When are tryouts?

Tryouts are usually the first week in March and consist of a few days that may include weekends.  More information is announced as the date approaches.  Girls will be graded on athleticism, disposition towards the sport and others, and stick work which includes cradling, catching and throwing, as well as ground balls.

2.) Does my daughter need a stick to try out?

Yes, girls will need their own stick, colored mouth guard and goggles to try out. A green card is also imperative, as an athlete cannot try out without one. There is also a pay to play fee (around $125), and an advertising fee ($125) if your daughter makes the team.

3.) Where can I get a stick, mouth guard, and goggles?

Advanced sticks can be purchased at Universal Lacrosse or Lacrosse. com, both of which links are provided in the links section (or any other lacrosse specialty store or website.)  If you are unsure as to whether or not your girl will make the team, she should 1. borrow a stick from someone other than a player who is trying out, or 2. purchase a novice stick from a local sporting goods store.  Mouth guards need to be COLORED and can be purchased at most sporting good stores.  Goggles can be purchased at lacrosse specialty stores or sites or from sporting good stores.  Girls should try the goggles on for comfort before purchasing.  NOTE: Goggles with a visor are not preferred.   

4.) If my daughter does not make the team, will I get my pay to play fee back?

Yes, if your daughter does not make the team you will be refunded.  The advertising fee is for those who make the team.

5.) What time is practice and where is it?

Practices are usually 5 days a week, unless there is a game, M-F after school from 3:00-4:45/5ish at the field next to Street Road, Wood's South side. Most games start at 3:30, with JV playing first. Some weekend practices will be held, most likely in the beginning of the season, or in the case of a lack of practice due to inclement weather.

6.) Are winter workouts mandatory?

Workouts are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-5 pm at SMG (across the street from Wood).  Girls who wish to heighten their skills and enhance their chance of making the team should attend.  It is essential that girls bring their workout folder, stick, colored mouth guard, goggles and proper workout attire. Those playing a winter sport are not obligated to attend.

7.) How many girls are on the team?

It varies by year and the amount of uniforms we have. Usually no more than 38 girls are held on both JV and Varsity.

8.) How many girls play at once?

12 including the goalie. (3 attack, 5 midfield, 3 defense, 1 goalie)