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Winona State Wrestling Club

Nov 4, 2012 - Matt Dahl takes 6th in return to the mat

A congratulation goes out to Matthew Dahl who finished 6th at the Yellow Jacket Open. Matthew looked great on the mat competing after two years off.  You can find the results of the tournament at TrackWrestling.com.  Matthew wrestled Ben Goodwin twice, the second match was much closer that was the score reflects. If you visit this web the site and click on Ben Goodwin (in blue) you find he has many significant wins. He also beat two wrestlers from Triton Community College winning one match by pin and the other 16-15.

Results here - http://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=39807

Next weekend we are off to the Luther Open followed by Augsburg the following weekend. We need practice wrestlers this week to help work on wrestling moves.

Coach Louie Orr

Sep 30, 2012 - Practice starts October 1

Practice starts October 1 at Winona Senior HS for the 6th consecutive year for the WSU Club Wrestling team. It will be great to see what kind of turnout we will have and desire the athletes will bring to the table.

If you would like some more information about the club you can get it a couple ways. First you can email myself Derek Olson at wsuwrestling@gmail.com Second you can email the club president Sarah Mueller smueller08@winona.edu or lastly you can email assistant head coach Eric Weigel eweigel08@winona.edu


Sep 9, 2012 - Conference Realignment

Over the summer there have been some substantial changes for the WSU Wrestling Club. The biggest change will likely be the splitting of the NCWA North Central Conference into 2 different conferences. Winona will be joining fellow Minnesota Club UM-Duluth in moving the NCWA Great Plains Conference. Other teams in the Great Plains Conference that will join Winona and Duluth are from the states of Colorado(4 teams), Kansas(2 teams), Missouri(3 teams), Nebraska(1 team), Iowa(1 team), North Dakota(0 teams), and South Dakota(0 teams). Athletes will still compete with the hope of earning a spot in the NCWA National Tournament. Full story on the split can be found here. http://ncwa.net/news?news_id=1151


Another change will be the annual loss of leadership and this year will see two big leaders for the club graduate in December. The graduation of Kelli Rasmussen (2x Nat. Champ, 1x runner up) will be a massive loss for the club and it will be very difficult to find someone with the skill and determination of Kelli. Kelli is currently student teaching up in the Twin Cities. The second loss will be the leader for the men's team the past 4 years in Eric Weigel. Eric is a 2 time national qualifier who was injured this past year meaning he was unable to compete in his last year at Winona. Eric will be doing an internship starting in January with USA Wrestling out in Colorado.


With the loss of two leaders, new leadership was chosen and Sarah Mueller will be the Club President this coming year. Sarah started wrestling in college and has improved immensely in her time in college. She hopes to be able to compete again this year and compete in the national tournament for the 4th year in a row. Assisting her will be Rustin Parker who is in his 2nd year at Winona and Eric Weigel will also be helping out until December.


Practice starts on October 1 at 8:00pm at Winona Senior High School. If you need more information on the club email wsuwrestling@gmail.com

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