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 Welcome to the website for Yaxley Riders.

We are a social group run for cyclists by cyclists and are based around the South Peterborough area.

Established nearly 3 years ago the group has grown far beyond our initial expectations and now boasts more than 20 active website members and over 60 active members of our facebook group (why not drop the group a message here yaxleyriders@groups.facebook.com )

The group has regular social & training rides which cater for most abilities. Members are happy to chat, share knowledge & experiences on our website and facebook forums.

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Jan 7, 2013 - NEW WEBSITE

Please click below to visit our shiny new home...



Jun 26, 2012 - Website Upgrade coming soon!!!

Hi all,
Just a note to say that the next phase in Yaxley Riders summer upgrade is well under way and a brand new main website is in the making.

The old site has been a reliable friend over the last 2 years with forums and classifieds alongside rider profiles and news.

The new site will be all that and more. There will also be the opportunity for some of you to become writers and photographers. We are especially keen on the best articles on the Tour de France for you to share with the group.

There will be an upgraded online store, calendar for rides and a top secret element which I cannot tell you...

But its pretty good...

Jun 18, 2012 - Link to our RCUK Tour de France Mini league



It isn't restricted to Yaxley Riders, you can pass it on to anyone you know to join Laughing

Jun 14, 2012 - Free monthly pro cycling magazine

The latest issue of Road Magazine is available to buy from their website or download for free...


Yes free, probably the best price of anything you can buy.

The magazine is skewed towards the American road scene but who doesn't want to read about Tim Duggan (Liquigas) or Andrew Talansky (Garmin-Barracuda)?

If you have any sort of pc this is a brilliant magazine to subscribe to (for free!), but if you have a Kindle or a tablet pc its even better.


All they need for you to get the free download is an email address and you name and they will even notify you each month when your copy is available.

I have been subscribed since the start of 2012 and have found it a really enjoyable read. Of course there are lots of adverts to compensate for the lack of a cover price, but sift through those and there are some brilliant photos and articles.


If you are I-pod or I-pad enabled you can get this in I-tunes.


Oh and there is a Mark Cavendish interview in March 2011 if you want to be ultra efficient and download the lot !

 James P Warrener 

Jun 8, 2012 - Hare and Hounds options explored...


Click the link to visit our dedicated page.

May 31, 2012 - James' Tour de France preview...

Via his column on cycling website of the year road.cc,  James P Warrener tells us his thoughts on the upcoming 2012 Tour de France...

As the magazines and guides start to fill the newsagents shelves, our minds can start to turn to the start of the Tour de France ... in Belgium ...

We all know who we want to win, and I don't want to mention him for fear of being a curse. And of course I have previously stated on this very blog that I dont think he could ever win it... humble pie could be in the oven by the end of next month.

But who else could win this flatter, less mountainous, time trial friendly Tour?

Cadel Evans - This guy doesnt seem to be your stereotypical happy go lucky Aussie. In fact far from spending his off season eating prawns on a beach in his budgie smugglers, I think he spends all his time in a wind tunnel perfecting cyclings most aerodynamic chin Oh and perfecting ways of keeping his dogs safe in the Tour start and finish village.

It might take someone to tread on his pooches tail to get his fired up enough for his defence of the yellow jersey. Mainly because this season he has been pretty woeful and is getting cold (as there is no sunlight in Bradley's shadow).

Can the man nicknamed "Cuddles" win the Tour again? Well unless he can get the BMC team all pulling in the same direction I think not. Thor and PhilGil will have their own agendas, in fact they will probably be trying to out breakaway each other...

What Cadel does have is "Big" George Hincapie and decent mountain support from the likes of Martin Kohler and Tee Jay Van Gaarderen who is clearly destined for greatness.

Andy Schleck - Won the 2010 Tour in early 2012, but that has been the pinnacle of a season which saw him flop in the Ardennes classics. I attack a club 10 with more determination than this bloke who I now fear might be remembered more for his chain falling off than for his magical attack last year.

Says it all really. I am not a fan, although I do know a bloke who looks remarkably like him.

Frank Schleck - Did he actually appear at all in the Giro? See above mainly, although at least Frank had his day in the sun on Alp D'huez.

Other than that I think his time has gone.

I am looking forward to Radioshack/Nissan/Leopard/Trek trying to accommodate these two and Andreas Kloden (before he falls off and retires from the race of course).

Thomas Voeckler- If the gag is good enough for ITV to use it for 8 years the it isn't going to stop me. Cyclings very own Harry Enfield look a like (Copyright Ned Boulting) could actually spring a surprise again and run the so-called favourites close. My main fear for Europcar is their ability to control the flat stages which could be chaos is Cav doesn't spend too long in the race and Sky let it all happen around them.

The mountains see him well covered with Anthony Charteau and Pierre Rolland.


Most of the other teams aren't going to be arriving with real GC stars so there will be plenty of dangerous riders in the peloton who are there to cause as much damage as possible.

Jonny Hoogerland, Juan Antonio Flecha to name but two (who were attacked by a car last year) can go well over most terrain and I have a good feeling for Rein Tarramae, depending on how his Dauphine goes.

The Lotto team will be trying to keep Jurgen Vandenbrocke on the island to prove his climbing display of 2010 was no fluke although team mate and similarly named Jelle Vanendeart might be the better prospect.

For the sprints a lot depends on the aforementioned Mark Cavendish and how much of the race he completes after a tough Giro. It still wouldn't surprise me if it was none of it at all, which would leave Team Sky able to focus on Bradley.

Andrei Griepel will be the man most likely but I am expecting a swansong green jersey for Thor Hushovd as he wont need a BMC train to pick up points and built a lead in that competition.

I already cant wait and hope to find time to blog plenty more in the build up and during the race, so stay tuned.



May 29, 2012 - Local lad to miss Tour Series

According to Twitter, local rider Steve Lampier will miss tonights Tour Series event in Peterborough.

The IG Markets rider is ill and will not be taking the start.

Tonights event starts at 7pm and it is rumoured that a contingent of Yaxley Riders will be gathering at the old Woolworths (now TK Max) corner to cheer on ther pros.

Hope to see you there.