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Lunn Drywall Softball

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Lunn Drywall competes in the Junior Division of Findlay's Young Miss Softball slowpitch program.


News Article - Top Ten Spectacular Ways to Make Kids Quit Sports - Nov 18, 2010

Check out this link from OYSAN.  Sure, it is in reference to soccer, but it applies to all sports.

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News Article - Well, That's the Season! - Jun 27, 2010

Well, that's it for this year!

I would like to thank all of the girls that where able to stay after the game Saturday and say their final fairwells to each other.  It was a touching moment that makes all of the frustrations of this season worthwhile.  I enjoyed every moment with you.  Hopefully, we can continue to build on those relationships next year!   

I hope to see all of you back on the field next season.  Your improvement was tremendous this year.  You will only get better.  I know some of you will be on other teams next year, but even so, Lunn will have a strong core coming back. 

See you next year!  

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News Article - Junior Tournament this Weekend!! - Jun 24, 2010

We will play Trends on Field 2 at the Cube on Friday at 6:00PM and one game at the Cube Saturday morning at 10:00AM.  The Saturday Morning game will be based on how we do against Trends.  There will be no Thursday game as originally posted on the season schedule. 

We will continue playing throughout Saturday and Sunday (up to three games each day) as long as we continue to win.  After two losses, we are out. 

Thanks to everyone who made it Tuesday for practice at Jacobs West! 

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News Article - Practice Saturday and Tuesday!! - Jun 19, 2010

We'll have practice 10:00AM Saturday and 6:00PM Tuesday at Jacobs West this week to get us ready for the Junior Tournament this coming weekend.

We have the talent and ability to play competitively with any team in our division, we just have to find a way to get that third out.  Against Archies Too, of the 32 runs scored against us, 21 were scored with 2 outs!!  Just one more strike, just one more force out, just one more caught pop up... and we would be out of the inning and back at bat!!

No word on the Tournament yet.  We will probably play Trends in the first game, but YMS has not set a schedule yet.

See you at practices!!   

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News Article - A Tough 3 Days! - Jun 13, 2010

Thursday and Saturday made for a tough 3 day stretch.  The scores showed 4 consecutive blowouts, but the reality of the matter is, if you take away 6 of the 22 innings we played, our record would have been 2-2 for those 4 games instead of 0-4.  We played great for 16 innings in that 4 game stretch!!

As a team, we need to come together and make the plays defensively to stop the big innings.  Taking away those 6 big innings in those 4 games, the scores would have been a 9-7 loss, a 10-7 loss, a 6-5 win, and a 5-4 win!!  In those 6 innings alone, we made 14 errors!!  That's more than 2 an inning.  That's like giving the team at bat 5 outs per inning instead of 3!!  We only made 9 errors in the remaining 16 innings in those 4 games!! 

We need to pull together and pick each other up as a team.  We can't get down when we make a mistake, we have to learn from it and then forget about it and make the next play like nothing ever happened.  Everyone of the players on Lunn Drywall has the ability to excell at the positions they are playing.  I don't think there is a team in this league that has better defensive players; we just lack consistency.  That comes from experience, confidence, and the maturing of athletic ability.  Remember, 12 of the 14 players on Lunn Drywall are 1st or 2nd year players (in a 3 year league), 3 of our players have never played before, and only 2 have ever played on the same team together in the past!!

I feel we have come a long way this year so far.  If we can stop those big innings, we are going to be a force the rest of the season and into the tournament!!

See you Tuesday.  Don't forget, the fundraiser forms are due Tuesday also.    

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News Article - We Never Gave Up, Part Two! - Jun 9, 2010

Game Two showed what we can achieve as a team!!

Though we never led in game two last night, we came out ahead with a three run rally in the bottom of the 6th!! 

We did what we had to do by scoring 7 times in the last two innings to pull out a split of the doubleheader!

What a pair of games.  Both games came down to the last at bat!!

Let's keep it up Thursday as we have two more! 

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News Article - We Never Gave Up!! - Jun 9, 2010

Game One last night showed we never give up!!

Down 12-4 after three innings, we fought back the last three innings and scored 9 times while only allowing 2.  We actually took the lead in the top of the 6th!! 

It was a great effort and a fun game, except for the cold drizzle that fell all night!

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News Article - 10:00AM Saturday Game Cancelled; 2:00PM Game Still On - Jun 5, 2010

The 10:00AM Make up game for Saturday at Riverside is cancelled due to the wet field from the overnight rain.  

The 2:00PM game at Emory 2 is expected to be played.  They are anticipating some sun to help dry the fields and it also gives some time to work on any problem spots on the fields.    See you around 1:30PM at Emory 2.  I'll let you know if anything changes.

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