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Lunn Drywall Softball

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A Tough 3 Days!

Jun. 13, 2010

Thursday and Saturday made for a tough 3 day stretch.  The scores showed 4 consecutive blowouts, but the reality of the matter is, if you take away 6 of the 22 innings we played, our record would have been 2-2 for those 4 games instead of 0-4.  We played great for 16 innings in that 4 game stretch!!

As a team, we need to come together and make the plays defensively to stop the big innings.  Taking away those 6 big innings in those 4 games, the scores would have been a 9-7 loss, a 10-7 loss, a 6-5 win, and a 5-4 win!!  In those 6 innings alone, we made 14 errors!!  That's more than 2 an inning.  That's like giving the team at bat 5 outs per inning instead of 3!!  We only made 9 errors in the remaining 16 innings in those 4 games!! 

We need to pull together and pick each other up as a team.  We can't get down when we make a mistake, we have to learn from it and then forget about it and make the next play like nothing ever happened.  Everyone of the players on Lunn Drywall has the ability to excell at the positions they are playing.  I don't think there is a team in this league that has better defensive players; we just lack consistency.  That comes from experience, confidence, and the maturing of athletic ability.  Remember, 12 of the 14 players on Lunn Drywall are 1st or 2nd year players (in a 3 year league), 3 of our players have never played before, and only 2 have ever played on the same team together in the past!!

I feel we have come a long way this year so far.  If we can stop those big innings, we are going to be a force the rest of the season and into the tournament!!

See you Tuesday.  Don't forget, the fundraiser forms are due Tuesday also.    




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