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Lunn Drywall Softball

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Hitting Keys

Whether you are a Major League Hitter or a Young Miss Softball Hitter below are some guidelines for a good swing:


Middle knuckles of top hand align between middle and big knuckles of bottom hand

Position in box

Front foot aligned with middle of home plate

Back foot shoulder width apart from front foot

Can reach outside corner of plate with knees bent and leaning forward from waist



Both feet equal distance from home plate

Toes turned in slightly

Knees bent slightly

Shoulders square to home plate

Head upright and turned towards pitcher

Both eyes on pitcher


Hands and arms

Hands held in front of back shoulder

Top hand at shoulder height

Bat angled over back shoulder at 45 degrees

Elbows down and relaxed


Attack position

Knee cocks in towards home plate and back towards back leg

Front foot heel rises off ground, toe stays on ground

Weight shifts to back leg

Hands move back behind back foot

Attack position movement begins when pitcher begins the delivery of the pitch

See photos at  mid-right.  The girl is just beginning to move into her swing out of the Attack Position while Albert Pujols and Babe Ruth are fully back in Attack Position.  



Short stride (if any) 4 to 8 inches back at pitcher

Land on big toe pointing to home plate

Weight and hands stay back in "attack position"

Stride foot down by the time pitch is half way to home



Heel of stride foot lowers to ground

Heel of back foot raises off ground

Back leg makes "L" shape

Front knee locks

Shoulders stay closed to home plate

Head stays down on ball

Hands angle down towards ball at about 45 degrees

Knob of bat to front hip before barrel is in contact zone
Weight shifted to middle

Follow through high and away from body, about shoulder height

See photos at right (Ken Griffey Jr), top right (Albert Pujols), and below.  (Yes, that is Meredith in her first year of Bantam in the bottom left photo!  See, you can learn this at any age! Compare her swing to Ted Williams' bottom right!)