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Lunn Drywall Softball

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Throwing Keys


Dynamic Balance

Dynamic Balance: Being in balance through a range of motion.

Head remains over belly button and between the balls of the feet throughout throwing motion

See all photos.  Notice how the head is above the belly button and remains there throughout the throwing motion.


Body Alignment

Glove side Hips and Shoulders align with target

See photos right.  Notice how Omar Vizquel and the girl pictured below him have their back foot 90 Degrees to the target.



Postural Stabilization: Head remains stable and parallel to ground throughout throwing motion, directing all body mass towards target

Stride foot glides just above the ground towards target

Back knee bends slightly for balance

Stride directly towards target keeping outside side of stride foot towards target for as long as possible. This helps with late torso rotation.

See photos right.   Notice how Omar Vizquel and the girl pictured below him stride 90 Degrees to their back foot.


Hands and arms

Equal and opposite: What ever the throwing arm does, the glove side arm should mirror

Throwing side elbow and glove side elbow bent at same angle

Throwing side arm height equal to glove side arm height

Glove side elbow should lead to the target

See photos top right, right, and below right.  Notice how the glove side arm and throwing arm are bent at the same angle and on the same plain. 


Throwing motion

Late Torso Rotation: Keep glove side hip and shoulder aligned with target as long as possible. Try not to open up too early, as this reduces hip and shoulder rotation and puts more pressure on the arm

Block the Glove: Rotate around the glove, don't pull the glove into the waist, let the body come to the glove.

See photos below.  Notice how the glove stays in front with the body and throwing arm rotating around it.

Arm angle is genetic. Throw at the arm angle that you are comfortable with. Almost no one throws completely "over the top", so don't try to.



Grip ball with three fingers across the two long seams when possible.

Note: Tom House's 5 Throwing Imperatives in Orange above.