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Lunn Drywall Softball

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I have studied the game of baseball ever since I took over as manager of my son's 9 & 10 year old Junior League Findlay Youth Baseball team.  Matt graduated from FHS last May!  Just as Matt moved out of Rec sports, Meredith moved in. 

Though I had played baseball/softball since I was a child (25 years total), I have learned much that I did not know and what I thought I knew, I found was wrong!  The mechanics and skills I will demonstrate at practice are not the "skills" I learned as a child.  I have had to totally reprogram my muscle memory from years of doing things the wrong way.  I hope to start your girls off with the correct mechanics so that 25 years later they won't have to relearn everything like I did.  

For overall coaching advice, I follow Jeff Burroughs' Book "Little League Instructional Guide".  Jeff is a former American League MVP who got conned into managing his son's baseball team.  Jeff eventually took his Long Beach California team to back to back Little League World Series Championships!  I have also read and studied former Major League Coach Bob Cluck's "Play Better Baseball" for another multi-positional look at coaching.

For Hitting Techniques and Mechanics, I follow the program I purchased from Dave Hudgen's "Hitting for Excellence".  Dave was the Hitting Coach of the Oakland Athletics and prior to that, he was the Assistant Director of Player Development with the A's as a roaming hitting coach for the entire organization.  I have also read and studied books by some of the greatest hitters and coaches of all time including Ted Williams, Rod Carew, Charlie Lau, and Louisville Slugger.

On the Throwing/Pitching side, I follow advice from Tom House.  Tom House is regarded by many as the top pitching expert in the world.  I own both The Pitching Edge and Picture Perfect Pitcher and have read and studied them both multiple times.  I also own Louisville Slugger Complete Book of Pitching, 101 Pitching Drills by Bob Bennet, plus a pitching program by Pitching Central.  Pitching Central closely follows Tom House's 5 Throwing Imperatives, though in an easier to understand and more detailed style.  I have also read legendary college pitching coach Joe "Spanky" McFarland's Coaching Pitchers and former Atlanta Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone's Pitch Like a Pro.

Some may argue that baseball is different from softball, but I can assure you that the mechanics of swinging a bat, fielding, catching, and throwing a ball are the same.      

I sure wish I knew what I know now when I was a kid.  Fortunately, your daughters will!  

Coach Jim